Windows 8 on Asus U36JC

Here’s what I learnt about upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 8 on my Asus U36JC (even though the Asus Support website says it hasn’t been tested):

  • It all works! 🙂 (Except for the bluetooth module)
  • At the start of the upgrade I had to uninstall the Atheros WLAN Bluetooth Client Application (and drivers) because the Windows 8 upgrade program said it was incompatible. I did uninstall it and proceeded with the upgrade.
  • I used the Ethernet connection in the interim.
  • After the upgrade the wireless drivers didn’t install at first. I tried installing drivers in compatibility mode but no luck.
  • After doing a Windows Update, the WLAN drivers worked.
  • Bluetooth still not functional, which I don’t really need.

And, Windows 8 is pretty cool!


7 thoughts on “Windows 8 on Asus U36JC

  1. Hi Coytar

    Short question as I was also thinking of upgrading my laptop to Windows 8:

    1. Did you just started the setup for Win 8 in Win 7 (so just doing the upgrade)?

    2. Did you use the Win7 64bit driver for all the important stuff like Touchpad, WLAN etc. or which one did you use (f.e. are you using new Win 8 Nvidia drivers?)?

    Thanks and cheers

    1. Hi Marcel,
      Answering your questions:
      1) Yep, just started the setup in Win 7. It was an upgrade.
      2) I don’t know which drivers were installed in Win 7 but whatever they were, they worked in Win 8 except for the WLAN/Bluetooth driver. I’m not using any new Win 8 drivers.

      If you need more info, feel free to contact me.


      1. Hi Coytar

        I did it over the weekend, works more or less flawlessly. Didn’t even had a problem with the Wifi driver. There is a new ATK package for windows 8 for using the Fn-Keys, a new USB3 driver and I installed the new Nvidia driver. NVidia Optimus works more or less, the only odd thing is, for bringing the Nvidia card into stand-by mode (Core clock from 600 MHz to 100 MHz), I have to start Steam 😉

        Thanks for the answers before


  2. I also upgraded mine to win8 from scratch (no upgrade). all drivers were found by windows. some during installation and some of them by just upgrading via device manager.
    Right now my problem is how to switch between Intel and Nvidia graphics?
    BTW the volume up/down/mute hot key don’t work.

    1. I correct the NVidia works fine, I can add apps to the list and set the preferred gfx.
      I just found the webcam shows the image upside down. do you have same experience?
      BTW where did you download the new ATK pack for win 8? because the Microsoft version of ATK does not fully match.

      1. I didn’t try the gfx. The volume hot keys work for me but it is very slow; I press volume up and it changes 5 seconds later. And yes webcam is upside down for me too. I haven’t downloaded any new drivers since I did the upgrade, I’m still using the original ATK pack.

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