Windows 10 and SSD

My Windows 7 desktop was getting a little slow and since I had reserved my free copy of Windows 10 I decided to upgrade. I also decided to switch to SSD. Since the Windows 10 upgrade was free there’s no license key so you have to upgrade your Windows 7 installation and then you can do a clean install.

Here are my steps:

  1. Backup my Windows 7 hard drive
  2. Upgrade to Windows 10
  3. Download the Windows 10 ISO
  4. Switch to SSD
  5. Install Windows 10
    1. When it asks for you a license key, press skip. Windows will activate automatically.
  6. Voila!

After that I followed these instructions to optimize the SSD usage; move pagefile, disable indexing, etc.

I also moved the entire User profiles directory to my second drive with these instructions. Additionally I noticed that some apps (OneDrive) was still looking for C:\Users so I created a symlink back to D:\Users.


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