Xiaomi Xiaofang Smart Camera Setup

I recently bought the Xiaomi Xiaofang Smart Camera and here’s how I set it up:

1. Make sure your phone is connected to the internet and GPS is turned on (it asks for location services to be enabled which includes GPS)

2. Download the Mi Home app from your phone’s app store

3. Accept the terms and conditions for the app

4. Select the first locale (or server) in Chinese, which I believe is Mainland China. If you select the US server then it will not connect properly.



5. You need to sign in with your Mi Account.

Create a Mi account or sign in with your existing Mi account.
NOTE: Other sites are saying that you need to create a Mi account without connecting it to any social media network.


6. Tap on My Devices and then tap on Add Camera Products. Tap the highlighted icon,


7. Press the Setup button on the camera and wait the camera light to flash yellow and say something in Chinese. After you hear it, tap on “Wait until you hear a prompt” and then tap Next.


8. Tap on Tap to select Wi-Fi and you will see a list of Wifi access points your phone can see. Select the Wifi access point you wish to connected it.

NOTE: it will only work with 2.4 Ghz access points


9. Enter the username and password for the Wifi access point.


10. Hold the camera and point it to the QR displayed on your phone. If it works the camera will say something else in Chinese and then the camera light will flash blue.


11. It will now connect to the camera.


12. If it all works then you should see this.


13. Tap on a device location and tap Next.

14. On the main screen of the app you should see your new camera.

15. Tap the camera icon and you should see this.

16. Voila! 🙂